About The Archive

Auto-Archives: Automotive & Motor Sport Library and Research Centre.
A non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization formed in 2010.

Auto-Archives is currently housed within the 1500 sq.ft. offices of leading automotive publisher Coterie Press in Littleton, Colorado. As soon as funding is available we will be moving to an archive building that has room to display and make everything in the collection available to all automotive enthusiasts. Auto-Archives will be a living collection with the building housing a Museum, Library, Coffee Shop & Reading Room, Art Gallery, Movie & Media Room, as well as a Photo Library with image printing services. The building will be open to all automotive journalists, car clubs, researchers and fans, to view the collection, research the archive, or simply ‘hang-out’ with like minded people. All items in the archive are available onsite to visiting patrons during Auto-Archives public hours.

The Archive currently has access to the following material, with all items either owned by Auto-Archives or, on permanent loan. All photographic images held in the archive are held under license with full copyright agreement from the copyright holder. We plan to become one of the major collections of automobile related material in the world.

  • 19,659    UK Magazines
  • 29,783    USA Magazines
  • 4,684      Worldwide Magazines
  • 6,178      Club Magazines
  • 1,729      Race Event Programs
  • 1,346      Race Media/Press Packs
  • 1,562      Car Brochures & Press Releases
  • 312         Auction Catalogs
  • 424         Vehicle Workshop Manuals
  • 7,953      Automotive Books
  • 359         Scale Models
  • 198         Automotive & Motor Racing Posters
  • 172         Original Autographed items

Our Photographic Library holds well over 80,000 images from the photographic archives of Peter Darley, Ian Catt and William Taylor, along with the Motor Racing collections of Classic Team Lotus, Coterie Press and the Polygon Gulf Collection.

  • 5,230      Peter Darley Archive
  • 22,640    Ian Catt Collection
  • 37,400    William Taylor
  • 5,250      Classic Team Lotus
  • 2,100      Polygon Gulf Collection
  • 6,850      Coterie Press

Auto-Archives has some funds available to purchase collections for the archive, but of course depend on donations from automobile collectors and enthusiasts throughout the world. Any material donated will be ascribed to the company or individual making the donation. If requested, the name of the donor will be kept confidential. Auto-Archives are actively seeking additional documentation to enrich the collection, including rare and interesting reference books, periodicals, programs, prints, films, and posters. We are especially interested in manuscript items such as drivers’ diaries; the research notes of motor racing journalists; club, sanctioning body, corporate, and team records; scrapbooks; and other unique items that express the passion of the people who have shaped the Automotive and Motorsport world.

If you have any automotive related materials, or know of any individuals or companies that may have items that they would like to donate, please contact us. If you know of any collections or photographic archives that may be available for purchase, again, please contact us. Period photographs are the most accurate record of vintage automobile and racing history, and, if properly archived, provide the most valuable part of any library. Please help us save this area of automotive history that is all too quickly being lost forever.

All materials given to Auto-Archives are recorded, cataloged and entered into a database as soon as they are received. This database will be available to reference on-line at the Auto-Archives website (www.auto-archives.org). All donations of either automotive related items, or cash, are of course tax deductible with the IRS. Items donated to Auto-Archives that duplicate items already in the collection will be available to outside individuals or other collections for sale or trade. Duplicate material will also form part of our ‘Mobile Archive’ that will travel to race meetings and car shows. We hope to work with other automobile related archives to help us all expand our collections.

William Taylor